Day by day program / June, 2011

Day by day program.



Panorama and Agora, events organized by the Fresnoy and IRCAM, open simultaneously, reflecting the artistic convergence between the two schools.

The installation Tripwire is the fruit of the meeting of the American composer Ashley Fure who is completing the Cursus program at IRCAM and Jean-Michel Albert, video student at the Fresnoy.

Eighteen ropes, each one attached to a motor that turns it, are turned into a movie screen. This mechanical system represents a sound wave corresponds to an electronic sound space inspired by the noise of the rotating ropes and their harmonic potential. Audience members effect the pre-programmed form of this installation.

  • Ashley Fure & Jean-Michel Albert Premiere Cursus 2 / Le Fresnoy-Studio national des arts contemporains

Music & IRCAM Computer Music Design Ashley Fure | Video System Design and Reaslization Jean-Michel Albert | Pedagogical Advisors Jean Lochard (IRCAM) & Robert Cahen (Le Fresnoy)

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Le Fresnoy-Studio national des arts contemporains coproduction with the help of Arcadi and the support of the Sacem (scholarship for Cursus 2 students). IRCAM and the CENTQUATRE are partners for experimental performance projects.

Photo: Tripwire © Jean-Michel Albert

From Thursday, 9 to Saturday, June 18, 2011, Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

  • Dates & Times Installation presented from Thursday, June 9 through Sunday, July 24 | Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday,  2pm to 7pm | Friday & Saturday, 2pm to 9pm
  • Tickets full price 3,80€ discount 3€ free on Sundays
    Ticket-holders have access to the entire Panorama exhibit
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