Day by day program / June, 2011

Concerts / Installations.



Discovered at a young age in their home countries, Austria and France, Johannes Maria Staud and Bruno Mantovani, both born in 1974, have similar backgrounds.

The notion of craft, an obsession with dramaturgy, an innate sense of digression, drive the two composers who were both called upon by large philharmonic institutions, festivals, orchestras, opera companies, and top-notch performers at an early age.

While Mantovani turns to the German prose of Rilke in his cantata to variable geometry, Staud has been passionate about French poetry for a long time. The premiere in 2011, draft for a future project on Le Voyage by Baudelaire, was an initial approach to working with a computer that has changed the harmonic writing.

In the a cappella elements of this concert, which is a part of the Vocal Art Biennale, Animus Anima by Fedele uses the psychology of Carl Jung as a partner.  Soul-spirit, song and speech live in this madrigal in four sections where a few selected substantives chosen by the composer for their impact resonate.

  • Ivan Fedele Animus anima
  • Johannes Maria Staud Par ici ! *
    commissioned by the Ensemble intercontemporain, premiere
  • Bruno Mantovani Cantate n°1

Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart | Ensemble intercontemporain | Conductor Susanna Mälkki | IRCAM Computer Music Design Robin Meier*

A Cité de la musique, Ensemble intercontemporain, IRCAM-Centre Pompidou coproduction with the support of the Sacem. A part of the 5th Biennale d'Art Vocal.

This concert will be recorded by France Musique and broadcast on Monday, September 5 at 8pm, presented by Arnaud Merlin in Lundis de la contemporaine.

Photo: Susanna Mälkki © Jean Radel

Friday, June 17, 2011, 8:30pm / Cité de la musique, Salle des concerts

  • Tickets full price 18€ discount 14,40€ Agora pass 12,60€
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    At 7pm, before the concert, at the Médiathèque: The Ensemble intercontemporain and the Cité de la musique invite you to an encoutner led by a musicologist, a composer, a conductor, or a musician prior to the concert. Free Entry, Reservation Required  01 44 84 44 84