Day by day program / June, 2011

Concerts / Installations.

Stockhausen Portait

The common theme linking the events of Agora 2011 is that of Stockhausen, master of computational frenzy and visionary intuition.

from Thursday, 9 to Saturday, June 18


Panorama and Agora, events organized by the Fresnoy and IRCAM, open simultaneously, reflecting the artistic convergence between the two schools.

Friday, June 10

Kraft, La Pierre

Pulverize all spatial boundaries, this contemporary music wager usually clashes with traditional concert hall installations.

Thursday, June 16

Emmanuel Nunes

The oeuvre of Emmanuel Nunes is marked by a unique idea of time, of space, of listening, and by the desire to attain an organic composition.

Friday, June 17


Discovered at a young age in their home countries, Austria and France, Johannes Maria Staud and Bruno Mantovani, both born in 1974, have similar backgrounds.

Friday, June 17 and Saturday, 18

Urban Musical Game

The interface for the interactive system Urban Musical Game is a game that will be held in the place Igor-Stravinsky in front of IRCAM.